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As Canada’s leading skylight manufacturer, our service does not begin or end with the production of skylights. From the first time you contact us to the time that your skylight is installed, you will have access to our industry leading customer service team, which is always ready to answer all of your questions on all aspects of production, budgeting, and installation. Not only will we work with you to get you a skylight that works well for your building and your budget, but we will also be with you straight through the installation. Whether you want us to take care of that installation ourselves or just support or supervise another contractor in the process, we are ready to meet whatever need you have.

If you live in Aurora, ON, a skylight manufacturer is just a phone call away. Stop wondering about what options you have for a new skylight in your home and take action. Call or e-mail us today to learn more about our designs, our manufacturing, what we have available for your budget, or whatever else you need to know about the possibility of getting this great new addition for your home or other building.