While a factory might not be the first place that pops into your head when you think of the warm glow of natural lighting, it is becoming a common sight as the ‘green revolution’ continues to sweep across Canada and the world. Industrial roof lights from Artistic Skylight can flood your building with natural light all year long increasing your workers’ productivity and happiness. Our bestselling industrial roof lights include a full line of architectural, industrial units which can be custom built to nearly any specifications and glazed in either glass or plastic.

While custom industrial roof lights can be more expensive than our prefabricated models, we always like to recommend them as they can be custom tailored to the exact needs of your project no matter what they may be. However, if after performing a consultation and design meeting there are premade industrial roof lights that will work for all or part of your installation, we will use them in order to provide you with the best combination of performance and affordability possible.

Many factories across Canada are still being illuminated by old technology including large arc lamps or rows upon rows of fluorescent tubes. Arguably worse are the few which do in fact utilize industrial roof lights; but are still using the original units which in many cases were installed decades earlier. These outdated units are often leaky which not only allows water to obviously get in during rain storms but also causes your climate control systems to work doubly hard as your heat escapes to the elements all winter long.

While replacing or upgrading your industrial roof lights may not seem like a priority, we believe the reasons above should be enough to show you that it should be. However, if your still not convinced we recommend you call or use our online contact form to receive your free consultation and see just how much of difference we can make for you.