The reputation of residential roof lights has not always been stellar in Canada as many have poor memories of old and leaky units which they experienced at some point in the past. While we can’t necessarily blame these people for being hesitant, Artistic Skylights strives to overcome this exceedingly unfortunate legacy left to us by our predecessors. However, our drive to defeat this stereotype is very beneficial to you as it drives us to continually improve our products.

Artistic Skylights provides our customers with more than 50 years of experience in the residential light field and will continue to do everything we can to maintain our position at the forefront of our field. This allows you to receive the highest quality, energy star rated roof lights at the lowest prices you will ever find.

Our full range of prefabricated skylights are available in glass or acrylic glazing and come in a nearly endless variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. While the design possibilities using our premade skylights are so vast that they nearly guarantee your home will not look like your neighbors, we also provide custom residential roof light services if you have a particularly unique design in mind or simply want us to come up with something that will ‘wow’ anyone who sees your home.

Whether you’re looking for custom or premade residential roof lights for new construction or simply an upgrade to the house you already own, Artistic Skylight can provide you with the expertise required to both design and install the ideal roof light system. Simply give us a call, use our online contact form or stop by our shop in order to get started on your project today with an initial quote and consultation. Our staff of experienced designers and installers will work with you to guarantee that you receive a residential roof light system that will not only beautify your home but also keep you satisfied for years to come.